Struggling and Self-Esteem

Most children go through stages when they are feeling low in confidence and self-esteem.

When something is difficult – be it pronunciation or reading and writing, or… anything really – and we have to work and work and work at it day after day, it’s easy to start thinking that we aren’t enough the way we are – and in the long run this can affect our self-esteem. These issues are important to address too!

With small children language practice is done through play, and they probably won’t notice what we are up to. Slightly older ones will, but if they get upset about not being able to pronounce the s-sound for example, it’s often enough to say something like “You’re just saying it in a child’s way, let’s practice the adult way of saying it and you’ll learn!” But children closer to school age notice everything. They can see if their peers speak, read or write better then them, and can sometimes feel really bad about it. That’s when it’s important to remember that everybody struggles with something, and that we are all fine just the way we are!

This book is bedtime reading for the Prattlesnake’s boys and girls – both for invoking the joy of words, and as a reminder that despite having to practice and work at things, they are brilliant just the way they are!








A short picture book designed
to help boost self-confidence.
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