Baby Signing

Signing with babies and young children is an excellent way to boost their language development.

We all use our hands and bodies to communicate, and if we use hand signs and gestures while speaking we show our little ones how they can make themselves understood before they’re able to speak. Their vocabularies start to grow and they can express their thoughts and needs more easily.

Parents may worry that teaching their baby to sign will interfere with normal speech development. In fact, according to research, the opposite is true: Signing actually improves language and vocabulary, because the signing is about enhancing, not replacing language. And when your baby starts signing, pointing out and asking for things, you’ll spend more time talking, which is one of the best ways of helping speech develop.

Teaching your baby to sign isn’t hard, although it takes patience. The Pippa & Boo books are created to give you a basic vocabulary of things that interest young children. Start by reading the books together, and use the signs in your everyday life. Some babies pick it up straight away, and others need a bit more time. Just keep having fun, reading, playing and talking!