Hatten Education

More language-boosting materials!

Our publisher Hatten Education specialises in children’s books, games and materials for boosting language development. They started out in Sweden over ten years ago, and now their characters have a large following of toddlers and children, as well as parents, teachers and Speech-Language Pathologists.


Babblarna, for example, are a colourful bunch. Their videos on YouTube are enormously popular, and every day new viewers are discovering and falling for these little speech boosters – because Babblarna are more than just entertaining and fun – they can really aid language development. They have been developed in collaboration with Professor Irene Johansson at Karlstad University specially for children in the early stages of language development, and they are suitable for all toddlers and children, with or without special needs.

How do they work?

The Babblarnas’ names, Babba, Bibbi, Bobbo, Dadda, Diddi and Doddo, are chosen so that they boost children’s speech perception, and they are also easy to say for our little ones. In playing with the sounds and syllables of Babblarna the children acquire more and more experience of the basic skills needed for speech production.

Another way of boosting early language development is to use gestures and hand signs together with speech. At the back of the books there are line drawings of hand signs of all the key words in the stories. To sign key words while reading and playing with Babblarna is a good way of helping children increase vocabulary and build concepts.

There are several children’s books featuring Babblarna, as well as card games, apps, a computer game and plastic figures. They come with a tutorial with examples of how they can be used to boost children’s language development.

Check them out at www.babblarna.se/en