Free Resources

Print and enjoy!


More Than Baby Talk: 10 Ways to Promote the Language and Communication Skills of Infants and Toddlers, a pdf folder from Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.





Board game: To be used as it is or with cards with words/sentences. Roll your dice and say the word as many times as the number shows. There are two winners, the one who finishes first, and the one with the most words!





Snick-snack-snoken spelPrattlesnakes and Ladders: Works well with the Prattlesnake Card Games, or just say the target word/sentence for each step you take!







Hunt for WORDS!
A fun way to increase children’s interest in new words – you can start collecting them in both your everyday life and when you read books together. As soon as the child has learnt a new word it goes into the treasure chest!

The game is inspired by the treatment programme “Lexicon Pirate” – read more here!