How to use Prattlesnake

Let us help you boost your child’s language development!

This page, and all our books and games, are about boosting speech and language development.  Because being able to communicate is important!

Our aim is to try to find something for everyone, as working with the communication skills of a one-year-old differs from working with speech with a six-year-old. Everyone, however, struggles with mastering language at one time or another.

So, please browse around and see what suits you and your children. For our little ones we have Pippa & Boo, which can be used to encourage children’s first words and short sentences.  With older children speech sounds like /r/, /s/ and /f/ can be tricky, so check out our “Books for Sound Practice” page.

And we are always on the lookout for exciting new games, books and internet resources – so please regularly check our Links and Free Resources for updates.